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Booms/Pool Dividers

PAS installed the UK's first High Density Polyethylene boom.

Many pools are longer then the desired 25m for competition which if divided up creates two pools allowing more revenue to be generated.

Previously there has been two options for doing this, installing a concrete promenade as a permanent boom which involves a lengthy shutdown, or fibreglass booms which are attacked by osmosis and have a short lifespan.

The PAS option is a complete boom manufactured from High Density Polyethylene, a material that is widely used in swimming pools for drainage grates, is extremely durable and has a long lifetime.

All the fittings are also Polyethylene in keeping with the structure, the handrails, barriers and diving blocks.

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  • Booms can be tailored to the customers specification with handrails on either or both sides, fingergrip in the walkway, barrier or no barrier above water
  • Choice of colours to compliment the swimming pool.
  • All safety issues are addressed with demarcation lines on the walkway and with no gaps exceeding the regulation 8mm throughout the entire boom.
  • Booms can be installed in 5 days allowing minimal shutdown therefore reducing the loss of revenue to the centre.
Pool Divider